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Current Conditions around Donner Summit

From Colfax to Truckee

Weather Report

Current Conditions in Soda Springs, California

Soda Springs is at an elevation of 6,800 feet and is 3 miles west of Donner Summit. Most of the major ski resorts in the Donner Summit area are within a couple of miles of Soda Springs, making weather reports from there a good indication of conditions at the ski resorts.

For more detailed snow reports from the ski resorts, see the links below to the individual resorts and their webcams.

Interstate 80 Road Conditions

Interstate 80 over Donner Summit is open year-round, but conditions on the pass in the winter often cause temporary closures. For this reason, during the winter it is always prudent to check with CalTrans before setting out.

Road Condition Information

These are among the best contacts for road conditions:

Snow Chain Designations

Requirement One (R1): Chains or snow tread tires required. Snow tires must have a tread depth of 6/32" with a "M & S" imprint on the tire's sidewall.
Requirement Two (R2): Chains required on all vehicles except four-wheel drives or all-wheel drives with snow tread tires on all four wheels. (NOTE: four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles must carry traction devices in chain control areas)
Requirement Three (R3): Chains are required on all vehicles, no exceptions.

National Forest Campgrounds and Roads
Open or Closed?

Note: It is always wise to call to confirm campground conditions before making plans: (530) 265-4531. Tahoe National Forest's website is not always current.

OPEN as of October 16, 2017 on the Tahoe National Forest and PG&E websites

  • Bear Valley Group Campground - (PG&E), closing Oct. 17
  • Big Bend Group Campground
  • Big Reservoir Campground
  • Bowman Campground
  • Boyington Mill Campground
  • Carr Lake Campground, closing Oct. 31
  • Cold Creek Campground
  • French Meadows Campground
  • French Meadows Boat Ramp
  • Giant Gap Campground
  • Lake Spaulding Campground (PG&E)
  • Lakeside Campground
  • Lindsey Lake Campground< closing Oct. 17
  • Little Truckee Campgrounds, Upper and Lower, closing Oct. 29, 2017
  • Lodgepole Campground (PG&E)
  • Lower Lindsey Lake Dispersed Camping (PG&E), closing Oct. 17
  • Meadow Lake Campgrounds (PG&E, closing Oct. 17)
  • Sterling Lake Campground (PG&E), closing Oct. 17
  • White Rock Lake Campground (PG&E), closing Oct. 17

Listed as CLOSED as of October 16, 2017 on the Tahoe National Forest website.

  • Aspen Group Campground
  • Boca Campground
  • Boca Rest Campground
  • Boca Springs Campground
  • Canyon Creek Campground
  • Donner Memorial State Park Campground
  • East Meadow Campground
  • Emigrant Group Campground
  • Faucherie Group Campground
  • Findley Campground
  • Fir Top Campground
  • Goose Meadow Campground
  • Granite Flat Campground
  • Grouse Ridge Campground
  • Hampshire Rocks Campground
  • Indian Springs Campground
  • Jackson Point Boat-in Campground
  • Kidd Lake Group Campground (PG&E)
  • Little Lasier Meadow Horse Camp
  • Logger Campground
  • North Fork Campground
  • Pass Creek Campground
  • Prosser Campground
  • Prosser Ranch Group Campground
  • Shirttail Campground
  • Silver Creek Campground
  • Silvertip Group Campground
  • Skillman Horse Camp
  • Tunnel Mills Group Campground
  • White Cloud Campground
  • Woodcamp Campground
  • Woodchuck Campground

The Tahoe National Forest's website has a list of campsites and other recreation areas, indicating whether the facilities are currently open or closed:
Tahoe National Forest Recreation.

However, the website list is not always up to date, especially when conditions are changing. It is best to contact them by phone for the most accurate information:
(530) 265-4531

Snow Report Websites and Webcams

Check on snow conditions through ski resort webcams and snow reports. Webcams are sometimes found at the bottom of the ski resort's home page.

Boreal Snow Report and Webcam

Donner Ski Ranch Webcam

Soda Springs SNOW REPORT

Soda Springs Area Webcam

Sugar Bowl Webcams

Tahoe Donner SNOW REPORT

Tahoe Donner Webcams